Monday, July 26, 2010

Dream of no-tranquility

Not even half a moon ago, a had a weird dream:

I was sitting on the beach watching the sunset. There were not many people around, or I didn't pay enough attention to them.

The surf was very strong, crashing loudly against the sand and making a lot of foam only to quickly recede back and fuse with the next incoming wave.

Then I saw a shadow approaching me. A girl. She was with someone else, but he stayed back. Her voice was too familiar: "I have been looking for you all over. We need to talk...".

I did not turn my head to look at her, but calmly stood up instead.
She insisted: "Please... I need to talk to you...".

Slowly and quietly, but still not looking back at her, I said there was nothing to talk about. My eyes remained fixed at the sunset.

That wonderful sunset.

There is something special about the orange-red light at dusk... I have always wanted to take a closer look at it.

So I started walking towards the setting sun. It felt warm and inviting.

After a short while, I heard her shouting from the distance: "Wait! You can't swim... please... please stop!"

Ah! The irony put me in a such a good mood, I began to laugh.

And so I woke up, still laughing until I noticed it was raining. 3 A.M. and way too early to begin the workday... too bad, I wanted to know how that dream ended.

Photo © Chris Nottingham

Moral: Being human means that if you have to go, you might as well do it with a smile... or even a laugh.

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