Monday, September 07, 2009

Trinkets from the past

So there I was, opening some boxes to set stuff aside for recycling or giving away, when I stumbled upon the remains of your watch. It wasn't functional, of course, but I still had carefully wrapped it in a plastic bag.

Many moons ago, you gave it to me hoping I could fix it but unfortunately, it didn't survive the intervention.

What to do? What to do now? I shopped around for two days until I found exactly the same model and gave it to you with an apology.

Yesterday, when the theme resurfaced, you seemed quite upset and annoyed:

"Why didn't you give it back to me after all these years?" - You asked, - "That watch was a gift from one of my best friends, the one who passed away long ago!"

I didn't know what to say at first, but the answer presented itself just as I began saying:

"... Because... that watch was all I had left from you"

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