Monday, January 29, 2007

So say we all!!!

As always, dear reader, it's time for your semi-monthly update:

* Family reunion
I spent new year's eve visiting mom and sister. It was very good to see them again :)
Funny, but I cannot remember a time when we were in better terms than we are now.
We went to Santo Domingo (a wonderful Cathedral from the late 1700's) and Monte Albán (an archaeological site as large as Teotihuacán, but built atop an artificially levelled mountain).
Take a look of my pictures at flickr and let me know what you think.

* The Unnas have left for Hispania Terra.
I am very, very happy! Things should start to change for the better for them. Their kids will have a very easy time readjusting to their new environment where, as Bruno has accurately pointed out, "River" means the actual thing instead of a street's name.

Feelings and thoughts accumulate to the point words are not enough to describe them. But at the moment, these few are very clear: Am I going to lose my tolerance for kids in close proximity? Will I stop wondering about having kids of my own now that I won't be interacting with my friends' that often?

For the time being, skype will have to suffice.

* Reestablishing relationships with old friends.
Last saturday I located one of the oldest friends I have. We met each other back on high school, and started making drawings to kill boredom and laugh at the world in general. He's currently a painter/writer and remains as crazy as ever, and almost by a coincidence, he was to celebrate his 36th birthday on sunday.
Thus, the partying ensued.

Oy... my head. Hard liquor first. Beer after that.

New directive in life: Never let friends (both old an new) drift away.