Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Last week, I dreamt of being lost and alone in a jungle.

All the gear I had (GPS, flashlight, walkie talkie) was dead. The only working gadget was a compass, but I couldn't pinpoint the sun due to the heavy raining.

Left with little choice, I began walking to the west as the rain began to subside. It was warm and soothing and would also keep mosquitos away... At least for a while.

Most city rats would shiver at the thought of getting lost in an unknown place. A jungle would definitely be a no-no. Giving up to desperation is a sure way to die in such environment... Besides, all the local creatures were making noises and doing their business as usual; it's when they suddenly become silent that trouble will undoubtely ensue.

For how long I continued walking? Could have been hours, or days... I really can't remember.

However, the smells and sounds of the jungle began to change. There was a breeze that tasted salty, and the nice slow cadence of surf waves.

I ran as fast as I could until the ground transformed into sand. There were no more clouds and the rain was behind me. The sun was setting down for the day and slowly began to sink into the ocean, bathed in oranges and crimson.

I felt happy. I made it. I knew where I was.
Shortly thereafter, I recalled I was still lost.

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