Thursday, March 26, 2009


Be at peace, dear reader: Nope, this post has absolutely nothing to do with that movie.

The best thing about twilight is that, for a moment, you don't know if it will get darker or lighter.

Please ponder the following:

Who is poorer? The guy who doesn't have anything to give to others, or the one who has his hands full because nobody wants to take what he is offering?

How big of a consolation is it to know you have left a permanent mark on other people's souls, even though the probability of seeing them again diminishes exponentially as time goes by?

Life goes on. There is no choice but to join the parade, wave and smile to everyone in spite of how incomplete you might feel. There are other possibilities ahead.

Lesson learned: Stay away from those who are ashamed of admitting they are having more fun with the toad instead of the prince.

Is it getting darker or lighter?

Only time will tell.

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Bruno Unna said...

For me, the answer to your question is right at hand. It's clear as water.

What you're leaving behind is darkness, the emptiness of the night. A dream that, although sweet, was not but a dream.

Thus, this twilight can only be due to the sun on rise. So say we all.