Monday, July 28, 2008

Feeling alive: Papalotl

Dear Reader,

Maybe you are wondering why did I stop writing?

Well, there were not many actual reasons. But if I had to choose one... hmm, why not write instead about the reason I'm blogging again?

Yesterday I decided to take a rather long walk. On my way, I found a butterfly nursery. It's like a huge crystal house but airtight; humidity and temperature are slightly above normal to emulate a tropical environment complete with waterfall.

The nursery is home to at least 12 different species of exotic butterflies. One has to wonder the reason why they evolved in so many different colours even though, like many insects, their eyes only perceive ultraviolet light.

One steps into the nursery and carefully walk around the premises immersed in soothing music. The inhabitants seem totally unaware of the chaos and noise reigning outside as they merrily flip their wings, chase each other and dodge leaves and visitors with unequalled grace. They are too fast, so sooner or later one realises the futility of trying to take a picture with a cameraphone and opt instead to just watch them and smile.

Suddenly, I noticed a butterfly that was grabbing itself to a flower, but made no attempt to eat. I came in closer to have a better look at it when one of the guides saw me and said: "She's waiting for her wings to dry... you see, she just emerged from the cocoon this morning. As soon as that is done, she'll fly for the first time and will join her older friends".

Lo and behold, the not-so little one flipped its wings a couple times as if she were trying to assess their strenght, flashing a beautiful dark blue gradient on the upper surface which makes for a rather dramatic contrast compared to the apparently dull lower surface (the one you see with the wings folded). Without wanting to wait anymore, she flew for the first time and quickly joined the chasing game of her older brothers and sisters.

That day was the first one in the adult life of that butterfly. The thought affected me more than I can relate in words, but I'll say this: Welcome to the world, papalotl. May you fly effortlessly and share your beauty with us for many days.

And thank you for making me feel alive.

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Mauk said...

Beautiful story, and that's it, the smalls details in nature are bigger than us once and again.