Thursday, February 01, 2007

Quasi-lucid dreaming: A field test

I one of those people who prefer to stay up until the wee hours of the morning and wake up only when my internal clock tells me to do so (which hopefully, won't take less than 8 hours after my last glimpse of consciousness).

Then again, this is not acceptable during workdays for I would end up showing up late at the office. Thus, I end up shifting between being half awake and half asleep for about 30 minutes before the voices command me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get up already.

A couple weeks ago, I experienced what could almost be called lucid dreaming.

It was just another morning, I heard the alarm clock ringing so I extended my hand to turn it off. A couple seconds of stretching and finally got up. I looked around and noticed something funny: the TV was on. Aack! Surely I left it on and it's been eating very expensive electricity since last night.

But wait! Something is not right.

Ok, the colours I'm watching have a yellowish tint... that's weird... but now that I think about it, that's not my TV. Furthermore, who on this world had the "idea" to place it sideways???

My kitties looked at me with some curiosity, probably wondering why it took yours truly so long to finally snap.

Then it slowly came to me, almost as a whisper without a voice: You are dreaming, and you are aware of it.

I began laughing, grasping at the thought. Things began to transform around me: The TV turned itself off and morphed into my real TV; the yellowish tint faded away and light around began to darken.

Finally, I heard myself laughing and opened my eyes. It was still dark, but just in time to get up and begin the daily ritual.

Things to remember: When you are dreaming, look for little inconsistences in the scene. Maybe you'll realise it's only a dream and will have the chance to play with it to your heart's whim.

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Bruno Unna said...

I had such an experience once, and was without a trace of doubt one of the funniest in my whole life. I haven't been able, tough, to reproduce it. How I wish I was able to have lucid dreams at will...