Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A recap of past events

So it is already december. I cannot complain, this has been a very good year overall.

Looking back into my recent past, several pending personal milestones were finally reached. The most important is, without doubt, my engineering certification.

Time waits for no one. I had very little of it to prepare my written work, and quite frankly, I still feel unsatisfied by its quality; but even though it didn't fully address my area of expertise (assuming geekness can be classified as such), it allowed me to make some interesting although somewhat late discoveries:

Despite all the pressures Layers 9 and 10 (that would be the financial and political layers, respectively) exert on the field of software development, this discipline has departed from its modest artesanal algorithmic roots and has flourished into a more manageable and predictable process. There are many different approaches, each one suitable to a specific set of conditions. Some are too rigid while others are extremely permissible, but many recognise real needs to deliver quantisable results on time and manage risk and disaster when it is unpractical to avoid them.

Who knows... maybe I'll focus on those subjects from now on.

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