Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Supa' Bowl, man

Hmm, guess we're having trouble keeping up with the blog.

Ok, some updates since last time.

The Wifi card for my Z72 finally came, but I have mixed feelings towards it. While it's certainly easy to config, it turned out to be a little short in range... but above all, it is a real battery hog!

The software is a little buggy too. Sometimes I have to warm boot the PDA in order to make it recognise the Wifi card. But I think I can live with that for a while.

Our CEO wants to host a screening session about the SuperBowl XL commercials for our Creative, Design and Production departments. That means the local geek (yours truly) has to roam the web figuring out crazy ways to download them all.

Funny, I thought it would be an easy job. Sometimes it really was, but others the media provider made everything it could to make it almost impossible to obtain the original video file: embedding it within a flash interface, streaming it everytime I wanted to see it (damn the caches!)... why? WHY???

But the best trick so far is to block the video altogether based on the geographical location of the incoming IP address.

If they wish only a small percentage of the total population to see it, why publish it on the web in the first place?

Ok, enough ranting.

Well, after doing some more warwalking and wardriving with my PDA, I now have a better idea about the distribution and availability of Wifi networks. Most of them are visible, but only 1 out of every 20 is open. Not exactly ideal, but better than I originally expected.

For all your PalmOS warwalking needs, I fully recommend you a nifty program called "NetChaser", by Bits'n Bolts. But since the battery will be quickly depleted, I also think you better get a dc-dc Car to PDA power adapter/charger like those offered by Belkin.

Time is running out to submit my application for a cert. exam. Better hurry up with that.

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